I was first introduced to home construction when I was fourteen years old, the summer before my freshman year in high school when I went to work with my dad who was a general contractor. I learned a great deal from my dad about new construction those four summers and upon graduation I went to work full time in my dad's construction company. Since those early years of my apprenticeship, and after a stint with the U.S Army, I started my own construction business. As new home construction suffers to the extremes of an unfixed economy, the drastic fluctuations in the market has not effected remodeling existing structures in periods of economic recessions.

Therefore, I have learned the art of remodeling existing homes. I say "art" because it takes a special skill and an experienced knowledge of the architectural structures of aged homes to understand how to coordinate the new into the old. As a result of having this knowledge and experience, property owners have come to trust in me to work on their project. I have done many top quality light commercial projects as well as home improvements and additions including kitchen and bathroom renovations, sunrooms, and other unique and interesting projects. From new houses to boat houses to lighthouses to tree houses, I have enjoyed many wonderful experiences in the construction industry. It would be my pleasure to work with you on your home or project and to share in your experience and add your name to my long and growing list of very satisfied customers.

Why Gary Antonacci Construction?

From the beginning, I was taught to take pride in my work and to do the job right, even if it means redoing it until I got it right. I noticed early on that it was not that way with all the area home builders who it seemed were more interested in hurrying to get it done and forgetting about the getting it done right part. I am proud to say that this practice has followed me to this day. I have heard it said that "a craftsman is not someone who never makes mistakes, but he's one who knows how to fix his mistakes."  Therefore, my dedication to quality, and determination toward getting the job done right - neatly and accurately, without adding to the cost of the project is the very reason I should be considered for your project.

Furthermore... most general contractors rarely show up in your home after the contract is signed or before the final installment is paid. It won't be this way when Gary Antonacci is hired to do your work. This is what sets Gary Antonacci Construction apart form the rest; for the man whose name is on the contractors sign in front of your house is the same as the man who is doing the work! You won't need to call the office and wait for a return phone call when you have a question. You won't even need to tell one of the workers to tell the boss to call you about a change or concern. You will simply just ask me; I will be there. I will be there throughout the time it takes to complete the project to personally discuss with you and to answer all your questions. And... you will always get the First Team. Other larger companies may have four, five or six jobs going on at the same time which translates into four, five, or six crews. Which means you more than likely will not get the First Team. When Gary Antonacci construction is your general contractor, the First Team will always be on your job.

Call us today so we can discuss your project and I will provide for you free consultation and cost estimates.

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