How will I know how much my project will cost?

First you simply need to call the number at the top of the page. Then upon setting up an appointment, I will personally come to meet you so you can show me your project. You will be pleased to know that I will never pressure you in any way. It is first and foremost with me to see to it that you are totally relaxed and my intention is to help you any way I can. It is most helpful to me if you already have an idea what you want, but I am also able to help with ideas that I may see that would be beneficial. I can also provide architectural drawings should the need arise. Then, depending on the size of your project, it may take up to a week for me to calculate the cost. A smaller project may only take a day or even several hours to come up with a price. Whatever the case... I will always have an exact cost proposal and I will give you a signed copy before any work would start. You would generally have up to thirty days to decide if you'd like to move forward with your project, and I would never pressure you in any way.

What types of jobs do you perform?

As indicated in my introduction, I do all types of home improvements. A small list would be: Room additions; build and install fireplaces; complete kitchen and bath renovations; interior stair railings installed or replaced; replace windows/doors; build decks; drywall patch and repair; custom moldings;  hardwood, laminate and ceramic flooring; bars, book cases and custom shelving, home theaters, and etc.

What about the dust? I've heard remodeling projects can be very messy.

You will be pleased to know that one of Gary Antonacci Construction's specialties is doing your project neatly. The office manager at the dentist office we just completed will attest that "one thing about Gary is that he is very clean." They managed to remain open the whole time we performed their remodeling needs. We take special precaution to set up blowers in windows and place plastic walls and drop clothes throughout the working area, and we always clean up at the end of the day/weekend.

Will I need to provide any money in advance?

Generally we require some up front money. Depending on the size of the project it could be a small percentage of the overall cost with specified payments through to the end. Example of a small project: If your front entry door is aged and the jamb and frame is rotted and you decided to replace it with a nice wooden door with leaded glass: The door itself could cost $1,500. Typical labor cost would be around $400,  this cost could increase if: a storm door or additional painting/staining were added or if there is additional rot that would need replaced. Generally in this case, we would require no money down and merely to be paid in full upon completion. Work would not begin without a written and signed contract agreed upon. Gary Antonacci Construction is very agreeable to your needs, and seniors get special rates. Your complete satisfaction is our desire.

Are you licensed and insured? What if something gets broken while you are working on my home?

Yes, I am in the process of obtaining my NC Residential Contractors License, though by NC law a residential remodeling contractor is allowed to work on any project not in excess of $30,000 without a license.

Yes, I am currently insured for two million dollars. In the event something should go wrong on my watch, God forbid, you and I would both be covered. I will provide a certificate of insurance at the time of our agreement. Also I am fully accredited with the Better Business Bureau of The Southern Piedmont, which includes all the metro Charlotte area.

Do you have references?

Yes I do. I will provide a list of references when you show a sincere interest in hiring me to work on your project.

Do you guarantee your work?

Yes most definitely. You will be given a certificate upon completion that will insure my return to make any repairs on work related issues, should the need arise.

What if I need plumbing or electrical help?

This is what I do... Gary Antonacci Construction is a team of professional individuals who can provide for you a top quality service that can meet all your home improvement needs. For instance; a serious plumbing/electrical problem would need one licensed in the particular trade, of which we have on call.

But I thought you did all those jobs yourself!

One thing you can be secured in is this: The man whose name is on the contractors sign in front of your house is the man who's going to be doing the work... namely - me! But it does not mean that at times I will not need help. I will always oversee all the work of which I have been assigned and you will never need to worry about others in my charge.  One of the advantages of hiring Gary Antonacci Construction is this: when I go into a home to tear out kitchen cabinets, and your sink does not have a shut-off valve underneath like many older homes are apt to be without, I would simply cut off the water supply to the whole house, install temporary shut-offs at the existing sink location, then the water would be turned back on. Your downtime would be minimal in comparison to a large company which might need to have one crew do the tearout then wait for the plumber or electrician to take care of the immediate needs. Because of our skill and expertise, we can have your home distressed in little to no time whatsoever, and continue on with bringing your project to completion.

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